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Bio – Mickie Baby

Mickie Baby

Mickie Baby is the epitome of the best of today’s New Breed entertainers. She is a singer / songwriter, dancer, rapper, models and plays ukulele and keys. She was born Michaela Nolden in Detroit, the daughter of what she calls a new age Black and Asian couple. Hence the name Blasian a nickname given to her by her friends.

She grew up listening to her mother sing in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and credits her for teaching her to sing as soon as she could talk. If you were to stop by her house now it is quite possible that you may hear her, her mother and brother singing and harmonizing together. Mickie had her first taste of success at the age of 8 when she was awarded 3 rd place at a local talent show. She had first professional performance at the Rialto Theater in Akron Ohio when she was 21. Beyonce’, Aliyah, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera have influenced her vocally and she loves Rihanna’s sass and styling. As a teenager listening to Nicki Minaj, she was inspired to change from writing poetry to rapping. Now she swears it’s Cardi B’s style, strength and realness that has taken her soul for a ride. Her goal is to see herself on the top of the Billboard Charts, touring all over the world and changing lives. Over the last several years Mickie has lived in California, Florida, Michigan and Ohio and can be heard on various mix-tapes, singing choruses and hooks for other people but, now, it’s her time to “Break Out” and shine on her own. Meet Mickie Baby.